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  DRUMMM Rhythmic Events provides innovative, hands-on drum circle programs that facilitate teambuilding, wellness, and celebration for corporate and community events in the Bay Area and beyond.

Whether you want to build stronger teams, celebrate a milestone, promote wellness, or just have fun, DRUMMM will make your event a HIT!

Corporate Drumming

What a fabulous break between sessions on marketing and strategic planning! We were all energized and inspired.”

--Illinois Arts Alliance
Drum Collection

DRUMMM Rhythmic Events—
Building Connections through Rhythm

Facilitated Group Drumming Programs for
Corporate Events * Teambuilding * Wellness *
Celebrations * Hands-On Entertainment * Community

Drum Festival
Founded in 2000 by San Francisco Bay Area percussionist and art therapist Jeni Swerdlow, DRUMMM’s hands-on drum circle programs have captivated hundreds of thousands of participants at events in the United States and abroad.

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